Afternoon at Walney Pond

August 16, 2011

More doctor appointments today and I finally got the glasses I ordered back in January. After my blood sugar went through the roof in February I had all kinds of vision problems so we had to wait until things calmed down Рand then we had to get a new prescription.

The new glasses work fine. They make Amy even prettier.

One the way home we had a picnic diner at Walney pond. We had the camera with us, but I was too busy admiring my sweetheart to take many pictures.

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I got some new migraine medicine today. I’m still hurting, but it seems to be working a little bit. I’m hoping I can get back to work soon.

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3 Responses to “Afternoon at Walney Pond”

  1. Fred Pate Says:

    Persevere Patrick and Amy. Better days are ahead. I think Satan sees your good work and is trying to bring you down. Work with your Docs, take your meds, spend time with Amy and serve your friends and community with music as health and time allows. You are an inspiration to me.

  2. When I do walk to Walney Pond,
    I sense I’m in paradise and beyond.
    For there in my mind’s eye, I do espy
    The lovely Amy with camera gliding by,
    Gathering in serenity that pervades that place,
    To sprinkle on the world, to spread its grace.

  3. Bill Says:

    Love God and Love Amy! All these earthly things will work out in time. You have many good days ahead and students like me that have plenty of your lessons to keep us busy for a lifetime. I’m 58, never in my life touched an instrument until April of last year and now I’m playing music and excited every day to practice my banjo. Thank you sir!

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