A Waltz For My Brother & His Bride to be

August 7, 2011

I met Carlos at the very first Crisfield Folk Musicians Retreat back in 2007.

Camilio, Carlos, Patrick and Dear Old Dad

Camilio, Carlos, Patrick and Dear Old Dad 2007

When you work as a teacher – especially when you reach the crazy number of people we do each day – it is a special thing when somebody stands out from the crowd and reaches your heart enough not just to become a friend but a member of your family. I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere over the years Carlos became my brother.

Alison & Patrick

Alison & Patrick 2009

Then there is Allison. I first knew her as Marissa. She came to the Crisfield Folk Musicians Retreat with a song that she had written with Cedric in Austrailia (the Internet is a miracle sometimes), gave her old banjo to a United States Marine. Somewhere in the midst of her adventures she won the heart of my Spanish Brother and decided to change her name to Alison.

She came with Carlos to Manassas to sing at our wedding. In fact, Amy and I danced for the first time as a married couple to the music of Alison and Carlos.

Some of you may remember that I wrote a waltz for Amy as a gift right before we were engaged. Since Alison and Carlos mean so much to me I wanted to write a tune for them.

I wanted to record this myself over the weekend, but the headaches are still beating me to the ground. I was hoping if I posted the tab file maybe some of you would send in recordings of yourself playing the tune for my brother and his bride. Right now the two of them are roaming the Spanish countryside and I know hearing you play a tune for them would be a real treat.

Carlos, my brother, I am so happy for you. I love you and Alison oh so very much.

Allison’s Waltz Tab File:


Braille-friendly tab:

Allison's Waltz
Key of G
G tuning
3/4 Time

A Part:
1.) 2-8-Q 1-0-DT 2-8-Q
2.) 2-10-Q 1-0-DT 2-10-Q
3.) 2-12-Q 1-12-Q 2-12-Q
4.) 3-12-Q G-ST 1-0-DT
5.) 2-5-Q 1-5/h2-7 2-5-Q
6.) 1-0/h2-1 2-0/h3-2 3-0-DT
7.) 2-5-Q 1-5/h2-7 2-5-Q
8.) 2-7-Q 1-7-Q 2-7-Q
9.) 2-8-Q 1-0-DT 2-8-Q
10.) 2-10-Q 1-0-DT 2-10-Q
11.) 2-12-Q 1-12-Q 2-12-Q
12.) 3-12-Q G-ST 1-0-DT
13.) 2-5-Q 1-5/h2-7 2-5-Q
14.) 1-0/h2-1 2-0/h3-2 3-0-DT
15.) 3-2-Q 1-0-Q 4-4-Q
16.) 3-0-Q G-ST-ST

B Part:
1.) 3-9-Q 2-8-Q 1-9-Q
2.) 1-9s12 G-ST (play chord as: 0-0-0-12) 1-0-DT
3.) 3-9-Q 2-8-Q 1-10-Q
4.) 1-9-Q G-ST 2-8-Q
5.) 3-9-Q 2-8-Q 1-10-Q
6.) 1-9-Q G-ST 2-8-Q
7.) 1-7/h2-8 2-7/h3-9 3-7-Q
8.) 2-7-Q 2-8-Q 1-7-Q
9.) 3-9-Q 2-8-Q 1-9-Q
10.) 1-9s12 G-ST (play chord as: 0-0-0-12) 1-0-DT
11.) 3-9-Q 2-8-Q 1-10-Q
12.) 1-9-Q G-ST 2-8-Q
13.) 3-9-Q 2-8-Q 1-10-Q
14.) 1-9-Q G-ST 2-8-Q
15.) 2-7-Q 2-8-Q 1-7-Q
16.) 2-8-Q G-ST-ST
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3 Responses to “A Waltz For My Brother & His Bride to be”

  1. Patrick, is it true that you can only compose beautiful waltzes for beautiful women whose names start with A?
    Thanks for the tabs. I will have a go at the Waltz for Allison and Carlos on the morrow.

  2. Carlos Says:

    Thank so much Patrick,

    We are having wonderful time. You, Amy, Mrs Trudy and DoD are with us always.
    I can’t wait to play the waltz for her.
    Thank you, my brother, we love you very much.


  3. Darrell Phillips Says:

    It is so great to see family so close. Thank you also for the tab, but still being a newbie, I know what the “Q”, “9s12″, “DT”, etc. means. Thanks so much for all you do. You and your family are so blessed.
    Darrell Phillips

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